The electrical devices to be used may differ according to the type of boat. Different systems are used for wooden boats and different for metal boats. While insulation is not a problem in wooden boats, in metal boats, on the contrary, the insulation should be very good. Otherwise, the devices will be affected by leakage.

Devices differ according to the size of the boat. An electrical project plan should be made according to the general arragement plan according to the size of the boat. Project design principles and material selection should be according to the rules of the classification society. When choosing the equipment, it should be noted that it is marine type, and equipment that is not affected by vibration should be preferred.

The power of the generator and distribution panels to be used is determined by calculating the load according to the selected equipment. The electrical equipment will provide energy and the crew and boat-yacht must be electrically qualified and powerful.

The weight, power and model of the generator to be used for the boat and yacht should be determined and used. The generator should be controlled and installed and used.